About Vlaailand bakery

At Vlaailand bakery we understand the art of pastry making and especially sweet pies. We are the specialist of sweet pies manufacturing in the Netherlands.

Our customers ,which are plenty, agree on that on a daily bases and order oven fresh pies from our bakery. Not only the quality is perfect also the service we provide is as can be expected. We do our utmost best to bring the ideas and wishes of our customers into practice and therefore have almost a continuous product design effort to fullfill all their wishes.

The products of Vlaailand bakery are sold over the whole of the Netherlands. Also we are delivering more and more products outside the Netherlands , mostly frozen.

Vlaailand bakery is made up from 2 distinguished parts, the bakery and pasrty making. The bakery is mostly automated and pies and pie basings are made from different doughs and raw materials into baked products. The pastry department is making the luxury pies from the pie basings. This department is not automated and highly trained associates are making our luxury pies.

These pies are delivered on a daily bases to our customers all over the Netherlands. Also we are developing more and more luxury products for the frozen channel . This opens the possibility for exporting to customers outside the Netherlands.

Vlaailand bakery is HACCP certified in 2009 and for this year the IFS certification is in the plan.

Bakery manager

Jeroen Mol