Vlaailand bakery, high quality pies!

Vlaailand bakery started it's operation in the year 2000 as producer of high quality fresh pies.

Vlaailand bakery delivers daily super fresh pies and delicious other pastry to franchisers of Bakker Bart, Supervlaai and Vlaaigilde.

Next to that Vlaailand bakery produces frozen products for third channel customers. These are traditional Dutch pies but also a whole range of halfmade products especially to be used by other bakeries.This could be other pie basings however also pie basings with bavaroises and other extra. This all to make it convienient for our partners to finish the pies according their own specification.

Vlaailand bakery is also a good possible partner for retail. A complete assortment of pies and other delicious pastries can be made daily and delivered daily , even at night, all over the Netherlands or to a central warehouse. A great professional partner is doing all fresh transportation for Vlaailand bakery.

Next to great products of fantastic quality Vlaailand bakery also finds it importent to obtain a very high service level to our customers. Product design is a daily activity , we have built a fanastic knowledge base which we prefer to share with our valued customers.

In short : Vlaailand bakery is a specialist in super fresh high quality pies and a partner in other fres pastries.